For all my overseas travels, I always kept a hand written journal which I would write for the most part, on a daily basis. The intent of the journal was to make it easier to recall all the things we did, since its so easy to forget the details as time goes by.
Hopefully it makes for some interesting reading. The plan is to post each day in its own post here on wordpress.
With that in mind, here goes the first one on our most recent trip to Scotland in May 2012.

Monday, April 30, 2012 – Getting to Glasgow
Our son dropped us at the Ottawa airport about 4:30 in the afternoon. We were flying with Westjet to Toronto, then Air Transat to Glasgow overnight. When we arrived at the Westjet counter to book our luggage, the clerk noticed we were booked on the 6:00 flight and asked if we’d like to take the 5:00 one instead, which was pretty easy to answer yes, since it would give us an extra hour to find our way around Pearson airport.
We arrived there at about 6:00, which gave us time to eat dinner and find the Air Transat bookings counter. Dinner was a pannini bread with chicken and my wife Lois had walnut cranberry bread with chicken. It cost us $30 for that plus 2 drinks. The food was good, if a little expensive.
A little confusion at Pearson
We had one piece of oversize luggage and the Transat clerk managed to confuse us, since she withheld one of our boarding passes and told us to drop the oversize at the oversize drop behind some doors nearby. When we got there, the security guard wanted to see my wife’s boarding pass, since it was her oversize luggage, but it was her boarding pass that was withheld by the clerk. So we weren’t allowed to drop our oversize piece. When we arrived back at the Transat counter, the clerk was gone. We asked one of the other employees where we get our other boarding pass and she directed us to another counter where we paid the oversize fee of $100. An obscene sum for a very lightweight piece of oversize. Anyways, once we paid the fee, we got our missing boarding pass and went back and dropped our oversize piece at the drop location. It would have been helpful if the clerk had directed us to the other counter in the first place.
The Transatlantic Flight
Our seats on the flight were just behind the wings on the starboard side. They also were not nearly as cramped as we felt on the flight to Paris in 2005. That was good. There were 2 movies during the flight, the first was Happyfeet 2 and the second was so forgettable I forgot what it was. I was actually able to sleep on this flight and we woke up to a spectacular sunrise at forty thousand feet and got some beautiful views of the area west of Glasgow. We arrived at Glasgow airport to partly cloudy skies. We got through customs quite quickly and were ready to start our trip.

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