Monday May 7th, 2012 – Bank Holiday

Our first day in Edinburgh. I was out of bed by 9:00 AM. When I went to make coffee, all we had was instant coffee, but it actually tasted better than we expected, but still didn’t measure up to freshly ground.
We left the apartment around 10:00 AM since we wanted to get a decent cup of coffee and some breakfast. We got that in a nearby shop on Rose street lane.
We then walked down to Princes street, stopped at the tourism information office and then crossed to the old town using the North bridge which gave a pretty good view of the train tracks leading to the Waverly Train station.
We looked in quite a few shops, and Lois bought a Sporran and Skine Duhn for our son at a shop set in one of the closes on the Royal Mile. We also bought a crank handle powered headlamp, one where you turn a crank to power it. Lunch was late, about 2:30 and was composed of pea soup and baked potatoe with cheese and pasta at one of the little shops.
We also had a quick look in St. Giles cathedral which was impressive, lots of stained glass, and some of the flooring needs restoration. I planned to go back to take some photographs, but it never happened on this trip. I was so tired by this point of the day I couldn’t be bothered to haul my hefty camera out of my pack. Plus I was a little miffed at the 2£ photography fee.
After our St. Giles visit we headed back to the apartment and on the way stopped at the nearby COOP grocery to buy food for dinner and breakfast.
We had hamburgers, broccoli and potatoes for dinner. We also bought these little oat squares that were quite good. The box almost didn’t last the evening.

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