Wednesday May 9th, 2012 – Leuchars

Lois had her first day at her conference and once I dropped her off, I headed to Leuchars at about 9:30. Getting out of Edinburgh proved to be easy taking the A90 to the M90 then the A91 towards St. Andrews, turning north on the A919 to Leuchars.
When I arrived at the base, I spoke to some of gate guards who directed me to the guardhouse, but of course they couldn’t allow me on the base. I didn’t really expect to be allowed on the base, so I decided to take some photographs from the road. There was some good places to view the runways so I parked the car at a gated inlet road overlooking the end of the runway.
I spoke to a number of Scots who were there to see the Eurofighter Typhoons that are stationed at Leuchars. Some were real keeners on the aircraft who were just as anxious to get good photographs as I was. There was an older pair who suggested I go to Lossiemouth to see more aircraft including maritime patrol aircraft. I didn’t really have time to go there and get back to Edinburgh before dark so I decided against it. I also spoke to a young Scot who was out for a walk during lunch and we spoke for about 30 minutes about all kinds of things, from the U.S. economy, to housing construction, to life in Canada and Scotland.
I left Leuchars about 1:30 to get some lunch and decided to head into Leuchars village. There was very little there for lunch, so I took some photographs of a 12th century church, then headed to St. Andrews.
St. Andrews
St. Andrews is the birthplace of golf, and not being a golfer, I drove by the hallowed course on the way into town. What I was interested in was the Cathedral and Castle. I went to the Cathedral first, which turned out to be a ruin but was still impressive nevertheless. The remaining walls were huge and it must have been a spectacular building in its time. I visited the museum first which had a number of impressive stone carvings. After touring through the museum, I headed over to St. Rules tower to see the skyline of the area. The view was fantastic with a late day sun, blue sky and a medieval town 200 feet below. I could even see the R.A.F. Typhoons flying out of Leuchars and over the North sea. After finishing at the Cathedral, the Castle was just a 5 minute walk away. There wasn’t much left, as it was badly damaged in a siege in 1546-1547.
By the time I had gone through the Castle it was about 4:30 so I headed back to the car which was parked on a narrow street on the south side of the Cathedral close. Returning to Edinburgh proved to be easy, but finding the Apartment was hard with all the road closures. I arrived at about 6:30 which took about an hour longer than it would if the traffic was lighter. This was a memorable day to see the same landscapes my Dad did 67 years earlier.

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