Friday May 11th, 2012- National Museum of Scotland

I was finally able to get to the
National Museum of Scotland.
It was very big and contained five floors of exhibits.
I started off in the ground floor which covered from the beginning of life in Scotland from prehistory, the Picts, Roman times to the Vikings. There was so much it took most of the morning until 12:30 when I stopped to have Lunch in a cafe in the building. A chicken sandwich, espresso and carbonated water.
From there I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the rest of the exhibits. There was all kinds of exhibits and an impressive Victorian Grand Gallery. Its a great place to take children. I found the exhibits on the Kingdom of the Scots with Pictish, Roman and Medieval Scotland particularly interesting. The Lewis chessmen are an amazing set of artwork crafted during the Viking age and utterly unforgettable once you see them. Another level that was interesting was the Industry and Empire section on level 3.
I also ventured out to an open air viewing area on the roof, but the weather was still cold and wet so I looked around the Edinburgh skyline for a few minutes then headed back inside.
I left about 4:30 when Lois called me and we arranged to meet at the National Gallery which was on the route back to the apartment. It was pouring rain when we met there. We bought dinner at Marks and Spencer. We ended up staying up quite late watching a TV special on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

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