Saturday May 12, 2012 – Off to Glasgow

We got up about 8:30, I made some coffee then we packed to go. We were on the road at 9:45. We decided to go to Falkirk to see the Falkirk wheel on the Clyde canal since we had plenty of time and the drive between Scotland’s two biggest cities only takes an hour or so. The Falkirk wheel was quite interesting. It is essentially a rotating lift lock where the weight of the water in two basins counterbalance each other to lift boats up or down the two water levels. This was built to replace a series of locks between the Union and Forth and Clyde canals that were demolished in 1933. After exploring the wheel and the visitor center, we left to find lunch. We stopped at a nearby town, went to the local Tesco’s and bought what we needed to make lunch. After returning to the wheel we tried to find a good place by the canal to have lunch, but there were no tables, benches or anything we could sit on so we ate our sandwiches standing up at a place along the trail that follows the canal overlooking it and a railway line. It was very windy and the place we picked was a bit sheltered from it. We got to see a couple of passenger trains pass by too.
On the way into Glasgow we stopped at a park where the Burrell Art Collection is located. It was an impressive art collection donated to the City, by Sir William Burrell. One of the largest private collections of art ever, it has over 8000 artifacts.
We weren’t exactly sure where we had to go to get to our accommodations, a Georgian house on 52 Charlotte street. There was an information booth at the Burrell Collection, but the maps they had were not detailed enough to get us where we wanted to go. We left with the map but ended up get lost a couple of times and the GPS turned out to be useless. We only had a hand held one designed for wilderness, not navigation. After getting lost and running in circles a couple of times, we stopped and bought a map of the City at a petrol station that, being a Saturday was extremely busy.
The Map Book was the ticket we needed, as we didn’t have much trouble finding our way around after that. We finally arrived out front of the Charlotte Street Apartment about 4:30. Once we got into the Apartment and partially unloaded, I parked the car and finished unloading.
After relaxing for an hour, we went for a walk and had dinner of Fish and Chips at one of the local shops. We also bought beer, wine and something I hadn’t tried, Ginger beer at a grocer on the way back to our apartment. The Ginger beer was pretty good, but sweeter than I expected. I was in bed at 10:30 after a long and a little frustrating day getting lost in Glasgow.


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