Tuesday May 15th, 2012 – Glasgow Cathedral

Today I went to Glasgow Cathedral, just a 10 to 15 minute walk up High street from our manor house. The day was one of broken cloud, giving interesting bursts of sunlight on the buildings as I walked.
When I arrived at the cathedral, I found it undergoing restoration, and had a lot of black soot on the stone. Much of the exterior was surrounded by scaffolding on one side going right up to the bell tower.
Of course the building has some beautiful stained glass which is enjoyed from the inside. Some panels were simple glass panes, and I’m guessing the originals had to be replaced because of deteriorating frames. Most of the stained glass panels date from the 19th and early 20th centuries having the dates painted on the bottom. These panels probably replaced even older medieval ones. The cathedral was a fine building, but needs more restoration to bring it up to the same standard as for example, Yorkminster.

After I finished exploring the cathedral, I went across the close to the St. Mungo Museum of Religion and Art, which has a collection of art inspired by different religions. Some of the pieces were from the Burrell Collection. One thing I liked was on one of the upper floors was a big picture window with an excellent view of the Cathedral.

After finishing in this museum, I headed towards the Trongate Argyle street area for some lunch. I bought a soup and sandwich at a place near the city offices. It consisted of tomato basil soup cornish chicken sandwich. I sat at a bar stool facing the Victorian era city office building. The chicken was coated with what tasted like mayonnaise mixed with a sweet mustard. It was tasty. The sandwich turned out to be too big so I went back to the counter to ask for a bag. I put the remaining half of the sandwich in the bag for later. It ended up in the fridge when I got back to our apartment around 2:00 in the afternoon. I watched a bit of tv and started a load of laundry.

Later on, I decided to go back out stopping at a Marks & Spencer and bought chicken breasts, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms as well as a package of sweet ginger sauce to make a stir fry for dinner. Along with it was some pasta which made a decent meal for two, costing about £13 which is still kind of expensive by Canadian standards. I started cooking about 6:00 and ate at 6:30 too hungry to wait for Lois who arrived about 7:00.


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