Wednesday May 16th, 2012 – Central Station and Sauciehall

Today was a day I couldn’t decide what to do. To say I was bored would be overstating it. There was plenty to do and see, I just couldn’t decide what. It was another cold, windy and overcast day.
So I decided to go shopping for a few things we wanted. I had four things on my list. First was to buy the book Clydebank Battlecruisers I had seen at the Clydebank library on Monday (May 15th). Second was to buy a movie Lois wanted, third was to buy a wool flat cap sold just about everywhere, lastly to buy another memory card as I had nearly filled up both cards I brought with me from Canada.

So off I went to Trongate, stopping at W.H. Smith’s bookstore for my book and Lois’ DVD but they didn’t have either one. I stopped at a coffee shop for a coffee before continuing the walk down the Trongate. Near the Glasgow Central Train station there was another bookstore called Waterstones who didn’t have the book in stock, but they did have it at the Sauciehall location, about a 10-15 minute walk from there. So I headed north to Sauciehall. It was an impressive bookstore, five floors of books, DVD’s etc. I found the book I wanted on the fourth floor. The cost was £30. By this time it was near noon time so I walked back to the apartment for lunch which was the half chicken sandwich I couldn’t eat yesterday as well as a salad.

After lunch I went back out to the Trongate and bought a new memory card at a place called Maplins, which is a computer and technology retailer. I was getting a little bored of shopping so I headed back to the apartment. I didn’t stay long though, as I grabbed my camera and headed to the nearby Glasgow Green Park, just at the end of the street. There was a nearby stable with Clydesdale horses for the Glasgow police, and the People’s Palace, a museum in the park. There was also a number of people walking dogs. I spoke to some of these locals, one that owned a Visla and another with a Golden Retriever. Both the owners and the dogs were nice. They could not tell though if I was American or Canadian. They didn’t want to guess for fear of guessing wrong. Pretty considerate of them I thought.

After exploring Glasgow Green I headed to the Pollockshaws road and found a nice local camera shop spoke to the proprietors for a while. From there I did the short walk back to the manor house and getting a good look at the 18th century St. Andrews church along the way. By this time it was getting close to dinner time. Lois had left me a voice mail so we met at the Argyle street train station and since we were both tired, decided to eat dinner at the Babbity Bowster pub. We arrived back at the apartment about 8:00 watched a little tv then headed to bed.

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