Saturday May 19th, 2012 – Back to Alyth

Lois did not want to stay in Glasgow for the weekend, so we packed a few things and headed off towards Alyth on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. We left early, about 7:30 and arrived around 10:00.
When we arrived we were very hungry so we had breakfast at the Alyth hotel. We also stopped in at what we would call the local hardware store. It was interesting they had coal scuttles for sale, and it was the first time I’d ever seen one. We didn’t buy one though.

Next thing we did was head over to the parish church where they had a genealogy project going on from 10:00 to 12:00 so Lois spent the time there talking to one lady in particular though I unfortunately can’t recall her name. There was perhaps six or seven people there all tracking down former members of the parish past and present. Lois’ grandfather was born here.
After Lois was done at the church, we wandered around the town taking photographs and passing the time until the Museum opened at 1:00. The museum was quite interesting, with lots of information on the local history. At the entrance we were greeted by a freindly chap in a wheelchair. One especially memorable section was photographs from a photographer who owned a shop in nearby Blairgowrie.

Once we finished going through the museum we headed off to nearby Dundee. We wound our way into the downtown right along the Firth of Tay arriving about 3:30 in the afternoon. We found a hotel conveniently situated right beside Discovery point and the RRS Discovery. We booked a night at the hotel and walked over to the Discovery Point to check it out. We had about two hours as it closed at 6:00. RRS Discovery was the ship used by the Scott expedition to the south pole departing the UK in 1901 and finally returned in 1904.

For dinner we went to the hotel restaurant with the rather unimaginative name of “Table Table”. We ordered fish and chips, which turned out to be quite good and reasonably priced. During dinner we got to see a very good sunset down the Firth of Tay.

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