Sunday May 20th, 2012 – Dundee to Arbroath

This morning we were greeted with a spectacular sunrise on the Firth of Tay. Once we were up we didn’t waste time and grabbed our cameras to walk around the waterfront in the early morning light. Breakfast could wait.

We took photos of the Firth and some of the bridges crossing it, as well as the 19th century warship HMS Unicorn berthed along a basin off the Firth of Tay. Although the ship is a far cry from original, its still interesting to see. The ship hasn’t been sea worthy for years, has no masts and had been given a roof. As one would expect, its a museum ship now. Being so early, it wasn’t open yet for the day. We also took some more photos of RRS Discovery in the bright morning sun.

After wandering around on our photo expedition, we headed back to the hotel and ‘Table Table’ restaurant for breakfast which was a continental style where you serve yourself, but it had a good selection of hot and cold foods at a reasonable price. After breakfast we went back to our room, packed our bags and loaded them into the car for the short trip to Arbroath.

The town is an interesting place with a fishing harbour and a cathedral. We arrived in there about 10:00 and walked around the harbour, talking to a Scottish fisherman along the way. He had an accent so thick we had to ask him to repeat himself a few times to be understood. He took it all in stride.

The next place we visited was the Abbey which fell into ruins after the Reformation. In 1815 steps were finally taken to preserve the remains of one of the largest Cathedrals in Scotland, nearly as big as the one in St. Andrews. The bright sun allowed us to get some interesting photographs of the ruins.

It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect weather and about 15 degrees C. After we had toured the Abby we drove back to the harbour to have lunch which we had packed that morning.

After lunch we drove to Forfar to Linda Stewart’s house to pick up a couple of things she wanted to pass on to Lois. We spent an hour or so there then headed off towards Perth via Coupar Angus. Since it was getting late in the day, we decided to stay for the night at a bed and breakfast. We hadn’t booked anywhere so we were just winging it.

Finding Accommodations
Near a village called Fowlis-Wester we saw a sign for a B&B so we turned off onto the little road to check it out. It was kind of comical, but the owner thought we were someone else they were expecting. They turned out to be full, so he suggested another B&B just up the road. When we arrived, the proprietors also thought we were someone else and unfortunately they were booked as well. They in turn, suggested yet another B&B just up the road. They took the time to call them and check if they had space, and this time we were in luck. It wasn’t hard to see why these B&B’s were popular as they all had a spectacular view across a valley with snow capped hills on the other side.
The proprietor recommended a restaurant called Yann’s in the nearby town of Creiff. I called and reserved for 6:30 PM. When we arrived we found it was in a Victorian era house and the food was very good and surprisingly inexpensive, costing about £50. For that, we received two appetizers, two main courses, and three drinks. Two of which were some tasty ginger beer. We arrived back at the B&B about 8:30.

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