Bannockburn – Sunday June 24th, 2007

Today was the day we went to the Battle of Bannockburn reenactment . The original battle, fought in 1314 gave the Scots under Robert the Bruce independence from England.

The reenactment was held at the Bannockburn Heritage Center not far from Stirling. We arrived about 11:00 AM and we had to park in a farmers field where a lot of cars were sliding trying to get up a grassy slope. I naturally avoided that area. It was about a 10 minute walk from the field to the entrance.

Once we arrived on the grounds the first thing we saw was the impressive memorial to Robert the Bruce. It is a brass casting on top of a stone base and in total about 20 feet high. I’m sure the statue must inspire every Scotsman who sees it.
Also at the reenactment were minstrels, concessions of period retailers selling heraldry, leather drinking vessels, period clothing and weapons etc. There were also ladies, knights including some on horseback, and regular foot soldiers with long pikes.
Other things to see were archery demonstrations with the famous English longbow, medieval martial arts, and Falconry demonstrations. You could also try on period Armour and clothing which was great fun for children including ours.

The weather was steady rain for a couple of hours then it finally tailed off towards the end of the day. Thankfully our rain gear of breathable rain coats and hiking boots made it tolerable. We were wet outside but dry inside.

After the reenactment we went back to Stirling and parked the car by our B&B. It had stopped raining by this time. We walked downtown to get some dinner and ended up at a local Pub, but our food choice was a bit of a bust for the kids. We ordered hamburgers but since it was from Highland cattle, the beef tasted much different than we were used to. Consequently the kids didn’t like it. After dinner we walked the short walk back to Munro Guest House. By this time it was past 7:00 PM. We wanted to get a decent nights sleep for the drive to Conwy, in North Wales the next day.

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