Llanthony – Wednesday June 27, 2007

We left the cottage after lunch with our rain gear on because it was intermittent rain. We walked down to Llanthony Priory just a short distance from the cottage. The Priory dates from the 11th century. It had huge arches at the transcept and in places it was reinforced with brick as there was huge cracks on the top portion of the walls.
The Priory was about 250 feet (77 m) long with beautiful stonework in the arches as well as the columns. It must have been quite the bustling place in its day, with a significant local population to support it. All that is gone now. There is, however a charming little Hotel right on the grounds and would be another excellent place to stay for those wanting to explore the area. Also nearby is the Offa’s Dyke trail at the top of the Hatterall ridge which separates England from Wales.

After exploring the Priory, we hiked up one of the nearby hills to get a view of the valley. There was a hiking trail we followed, and at the start it had a stream of water flowing down the trail, but because it was quite rocky, it wasn’t muddy. Once we got to the end of the stream path, there was a junction of pathways in different directions that went up the hills. We decided to climb in the direction of Broadley farm but we were on the opposite side of the valley. When we reached another path junction, there was a beautiful view of the valley including Broadley Farm as well as the Priory. From this point we wanted to make our way back down but couldn’t seem to find a way to the road. We ended up hiking directly through a sheep farm in order to get to the road which would take us back to our cottage at Broadley Farm. The farmer and his wife were in their barn and were surprised when we came through. We explained we were trying to get to the road and they told us we were headed in the right direction.

Once we got to the road, we headed down to the Full Moon Pub to see about getting something to eat. Unfortunately, the Pub closes in the afternoon until 7:00 PM. We decided to head back to the cottage for dinner since we didn’t want to wait for the pub to open. When we arrived back at the cottage we were greeted by Flash, the owners sheep dog. We then had a nice fire in the fireplace to warm up from the dampness and had our dinner. It was kind of nice to have spent the day on foot instead in the car.

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