Conwy – Sunday July 1, 2007

Conwy is a medieval walled town in North Wales. At the eastern edge of the town near the river is Conwy Castle. Its an impressive 13th century bastion built for King Edward the 1st.
The walls surrounding the town are essentially a large triangle shape that run along the river, south west for 450 M and finally north east for 450 M back to the castle.
People can walk the top of walls and get some excellent views of the town and surrounding countryside.
This is what we did first, walking from one of the gates to the waterfront. While we walked we could see Aberconwy House, the oldest building inside the walls and dates from about 1300 and constructed of timber and stucco.
Later in the day after we had dinner, we walked another section of the walls with great views of the Castle and Snowdonia. The low sun late in the day provided spectacular lighting for photographs and we took many of the town and the surrounding area.
We eventually headed back to our accommodations, a place called Cree Cottage and just a 10 minute walk beyond the walls. We would spend the next 6 days exploring Conwy and north Wales.

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