Caernarfon – Monday July 2, 2007

Caernarfon is another medieval walled town with an imposing castle, also built by King Edward at about the same time as Conwy in the 1280’s. The castle was quite a work of defensive engineering with numerous arrow slits, towers, portcullises and murder holes.
One of the rooms inside one of the castle towers was set up as a theatre showing a movie on the history of the castle. It gives a boastful account of how in 1404 only 28 bowmen drove off an attack by the Welsh.
The view from the towers was quite spectacular as you could see the town and the peaks of Snowdonia beyond. The sun was out and pleasantly warm. We would have liked to spend more time exploring the castle, but one of our children was suffering a headache so we had to cut it short. By this time it was past 4:00.
On the drive back to Conwy it was very scenic as the road runs through tunnels right along the shore line with the mountains opposite. They are I think, 500 to 1000 feet high. One part near Bangor appeared to have an old mining operation on the side of the hill. We arrived back in Conwy about 5:30. The castle is a UNESCO world heritage site and since 1911, is where the investiture of the Prince of Wales takes place.

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