Llandudno and Conwy Castle

Llandudno is a scenic seaside town to the North of Conwy with many Victorian buildings. To get to there, we walked to the Conwy visitor center and jumped on the double decker tour bus. It was a fine day, with a few clouds and about 20 degrees Celsius. We got off the bus when we arrived in the downtown. We walked out onto the Pier which extends about 2500 feet into the Irish sea. The local manor house had been turned into a very posh hotel as well as a school. We found out during the tour that all the exterior colours of the houses had to be painted to match a palette of colours by order of the local Earl and, one assumes the local council. The buildings were also not allowed to be taller than three storeys. This explained the beauty of the buildings in the downtown. We spent some time wandering around the waterfront, perhaps an hour or so, then we got back on the tour bus when it returned to take us back to Conwy.

The bus took about 15 minutes to get us back in Conwy, and we got off the bus at the Castle and went to the Castle tea room for drinks. We then headed to the Castle to explore its 12th century walls and turrets. Once inside and on top of the walls it offered excellent views of the town and river. The little turrets on the top of the towers also gave quite a view of the interior and floor plan of the castle. This castle is not as well preserved as Caernarfon, nor is it as large, but its just as imposing. It was a brilliant piece of military engineering for its time, having a small footprint but still a formidable castle.
There was some brief excitement during our visit as we saw about 12 police cars and a helicopter searching a nearby forest for a suspect for something. We never did find out for what. By the time this man hunt was wrapping up it was near closing time for the castle so we started our walk back to our cottage.

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