Kauai, Hawaii

In August 2014 my wife and I went on a trip to Kauai, Hawaii. It was pretty spectacular, when someone mentions tropical paradise Kauai certainly fits the description. Its also known as the garden island.
We were there for two weeks, the first week we spent at a resort in Poipu on the south coast and the second week we spent near Hanalei Bay on the north coast of the island.

The first week we spent time snorkeling, we took a boat tour, and explored the island by car. Later in the week was a bit of an adventure because there was two Hurricanes (Iselle and Julio) approaching the Hawaiian Island chain later in the week. Fortunately, Iselle downgraded to a tropical storm before hitting the big island and Julio missed the islands all together after veering north. There was some heavy rain on Friday and early Saturday, and that was about it.

The second week we did some more snorkeling, reading and relaxing on the beaches, we visited Limahuli Botanical garden in the pouring rain and one day we spent at Pearl Harbour . We also hired Carl Berg a local naturalist working for the University of Hawaii who took us around the north part of the island to show us much of the flora and fauna. He showed us things we never would have seen had we not had him as a guide. It was very informative and interesting.


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