Back in 1993, my wife and I visited Spain. We landed in Madrid and cycled toured the first week. We found it too hot to cycle so we rented a car the rest of the trip which included Madrid, Toledo, Aranjuez, Cordoba, Seville, Tarifa, Granada and Segovia.

The photos near the top are of the castle at Almodovar del Rio. The top left is one of me with a trim figure and still lots of hair, though you can’t see it under the tilly hat.
You can also see photos of a Roman town called Italica near modern day Seville, and the tomb of Christopher Columbus at the Cathedral there as well as the exquisite wood carving of the choir. Towards the bottom is a Plaza de Toros or Bull fighting stadium and photos from Toledo.

Keep in mind that the originals are on 35 mm slides of kodachrome 64 ! Do you know what Kodochrome 64 is ?




Castillo Almodovar del Rio

Almodovar del Rio

Thats a big door knocker

The key is big too

The Keep



Italica mozaic




The tomb of Christoper Columbus

Seville Cathedral Choir seats

Toledo Cathedral

Plaza de Toros

Plaza de Toros museum

Plaza de Toros

Toledo Cathedral

Roman bridge at Toledo

Toledo Cathedral Statues


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