Monday May 21st, 2012 – The Crannog

The Scottish Crannog Center is a replica of a stone age dwelling built over Loch Tay, in the Aberfeldy area. This was to be our main stop on the way back to Glasgow. The morning was bright with some cloudy patches but warm temperatures. We were up about 8:00 to have breakfast. We then packed up, said goodbye to the proprietor of the B&B and her old dog and were on our way towards Glasgow, but we wanted to stop and see the Scottish Crannog along the way.
We took some of the back roads north from Fowlis Wester and eventually getting on the B8063, which then took us to the A826 to Aberfeldy.

We arrived around 11:00 AM with broken cloud and 20 degrees C. For the entry fee, they give groups a tour of the Crannog where they explain how it was constructed and how the stone aged people might have lived. It was pretty cool. After the tour, which was with about 15-20 other people, we were all invited to try some of the crafts the people did, including lighting a fire with a bow and string, using a lathe and making rope.

When we were finished at the Crannog, we made the five minute drive to the scenic town of Kenmore for lunch. Conveniently, there was a post office right in the main square, so we mailed some of Lois’ things from her conference back to Canada so we wouldn’t have to take it on the plane. For lunch we got Cornish Pasty and a can of pop. We sat on the grass overlooking Loch Tay.

After lunch we headed back to Glasgow since we were flying home the next day. We took the A827 west to the A85. Along the way on the A827 a lorry came flying around a corner at a high rate of speed and scared the daylights out of us since it was a narrow two lane road, and the lorry was travelling about 60 miles per hour and his wheels were on our side of the centre line. I had to swerve as far to the left as I could to avoid an accident. This was the only blemish on an otherwise perfect day.

Around 2:00-2:30 we arrived in the scenic little town of Killin with a nice waterfall and nestled in a valley with an old stone bridge over the river. At one end was an old undershot mill and on the other a pub. We decided to stop in to have a cup of coffee. The town reminded me of Pakenham, Ontario.

Once we left Killen, we finally got on the A85 to Crainlarich, then to the A82 south to Glasgow. The A82 took us to Glasgow just north of the London road and Charlotte street where our apartment in the Georgian manor house was. We arrived around 6:00, had our dinner and got ready for the flight back to Canada the next day.

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